Academy Overview

Utopia Academy’s Mission Statement:

Utopia Academy is dedicated to providing the best education that will prepare graduates for a successful career.  We are guided by values of respect, passion, integrity and compassion.

We will:

  • Engage faculty who are ethical, diverse, experienced, knowledgeable and passionate.
  • Teach in a learning environment that is respectful, uplifting, safe, and supportive which recognizes the diversity of all individuals.
  • Encourage students to continuously challenge themselves creatively, intellectually, and technically.
  • Work with our partners in health, and regulatory and community organizations to enhance the learning experience of our graduates.

Why Utopia Academy?

Registered and Accredited

Our Advanced Esthetics & Laser Program and our Hair Design Program are in full compliance with PCTIA curriculum guidelines and accreditation requirements.

Accreditation requirements are intended to reflect the professional and educational attributes essential to an educational institution.

Passion above all else

Utopia Academy instructors are passionate about their careers and dedicated to passing that passion and expertise on to others. The faculty of Utopia Academy believes that loving what you do is key to your long-term success and will work to create an environment that encourages learning.

Proven track record

Utopia Academy opened its doors in 1996 in Abbotsford, B.C. The Academy’s excellent reputation in the health and beauty industry accounts for a 93%+ employment rate. The ongoing growth and success of our graduates proves that Utopia Academy students can be assured that they are joining a school that understands the importance of a solid education, and what it takes to succeed in today’s health and beauty industry.

Teach from experience

Our instructors come with real life experience and understand industry needs. The knowledge gained from working in the industry has been incorporated into Utopia’s curriculum to give our students the best learning experience and to prepare them for success. Students learn under guided supervision in order to gain hands on experience that guarantees confidence and professionalism.

The Advanced Esthetics & Laser faculty and the Hair Design faculty are certified with the Cosmetology Industry Association of B.C. All are distinguished in their area of instruction.

Naturopathic Physicians, Medical Doctors, Chartered Accountants, Business Leaders, Educators and University Professors also make up part of our educational team, providing a broad spectrum of knowledge, experience and expertise.

Smaller classes

At Utopia Academy, we are student centered in our approach to learning. We know that every student has their own individual learning style which is why we keep our class sizes small and our clinic floor to a maximum of 10 to 1 instructor/student ratio. Instructors work 1 to 1 with students to meet their individual needs and ensure proper supervision on the clinic floor.

State-of-the-art facilities

Our facilities provide students with an unparalleled, secure environment utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and technology. The student/public clinic includes treatment rooms, change rooms and waiting areas.

Business Perspective

At Utopia Academy students learn from the best. During the course of training students will be introduced to the business principles that will prepared them for their professional life. Topics will include the importance of guest services and building of a strong referral base, professional development, time management, retail sales and business planning.

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